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In today's real estate market, the difference between a successful listing and a property sitting with no buyers is not necessarily the property, but the marketing and advertising of the property and its attributes. Most brokers simply place your property on their website, place a sign on the street and post it on the listing service, hoping other brokers will find a buyer.

At Land & Ranch Marketing, we aggressively market your property through multiple media platforms, including television, social media and website promotions. You're property will be seen by millions of potential buyers AND sellers, which can not only sell the property you have listed, but bring new clients through your doors.


Our national television show Man vs Elk TV, airs on multiple channels, and are available on DirecTV and DISH affiliates, reaching a total of over 44 million households.


There are a few ways that we can promote your property(ies) through our television shows:

  • "Property Spotlight": We promote your property on TV during one episode for a week, which includes on-screen contact and property information.
  • "Filmed Hunt": Have the crew at Land & Ranch TV film a hunt on your property for sale and we'll air it nationally for two weeks. This entails a in-depth look into your property that showcases your property and its benefits.

WEBSITE MARKETING receives over four thousand unique visits a week from new buyers looking to acquire recreational properties. Many have seen properties on our TV series and are looking for more information. We can post your properties on our website, which includes pictures and in-depth descriptions of the property.

For more information and advertising rates, please contact 303-688-9412.

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